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Introduction by the Chairperson of the CEREPPOL NGO


Looking at the previous years of our Non Governmental Organization existence, I have become deeply impressed by the multifaceted work performed by previous chairman and the tireless commitment of its staff members in Europe and Asia. Today, the CEREPPOL’s products which includes the best practices and transversal dialogue for a more inclusive cooperation between populations  is attracting experts from civil society and other international organizations. These relevant stakeholders are now sitting together to develop new standards based on consensus and they are putting forward their common interests in elaborating new keys to their success.

In 4 years of existence, the CEREPPOL NGO proved its efficiency to provide a cross-sectoral neighboring where Citizens, Business and Policymakers can develop solutions every day. Step-by-step they have realized that these efforts were developed under the United Nations ECOSOC COUNCIL and the UN flag.

Tomorrow, the multilateral environment in which the CEREPPOL NGO operates is becoming more and more complex. Our representative office in India (Madurai) is one of the initiatives mobilizing real people for real answers outside the EU. Thanks to the India Team, we implement our decisions regarding for instance Women’s discriminations, sustainable growth and consumption for all and, doing so, we share with concerned people procedures that make everyday lives more palatable and make them work better.

Since January 2015, our work at a Regional and at an International level has been facilitated on behalf of the ECOSOC Council to the UN. By receiving the UN official accreditation, the CEREPPOL NGO is now admitted among the International Organizations who are qualified of the “Consultative status to the ECOSOC Council”. The debates in the Executive Committee reflect all the developments linked to the following themes shifted constantly from 2011, and more precisely:

  • Gender inequality and empowering women and girls by 2030
  • Ensure inclusive opportunities for all;
  • Better education for a better growth;
  • Sustainable jobs and equal opportunity accesses to recruitment market;
  • Provide support to governments to reflect the new global agenda in national development plans;
  • Bring out expertise on sustainable development and governance available to governments at all stages of implementation

At this time, the CEREPPOL NGO is strengthening partnerships for implementation, and filling in the gaps in available data for monitoring and review. Each one of us is deeply involved in all processes around the Sustainable Development Goals I ‘am looking forward to continue to work with people and the UN subsidiary bodies in the same good spirit towards implementing our action for the coming years. Hope you will soon join us, to make the Future we want.


Monique Francesconi,

Chairperson of the CEREPPOL NGO



Introduction by the Executive General Director


The CEREPPOL's Vision for its post-2015 Development in Europe includes fostering an involvement in the broadest possible sense of populations at all levels of decision-making. During the  the period between mid-May and the end of June 2015, our Organization has implemented recommendations adopted at mi-january of the same day.

As outlined in the internal report "building more propsperous and inclusive people beyond 2025" submitted to the Board of directors, the basis of a more efficient dialogue between people (civil society) was launched. Thanks to this open discussion, a new step in the development of our Organization has been reached out.

In this context of improving access to knowledge and mutual comprenhension, the CEREPPOL NGO Branch for Asia and Pacific has come through in south India.

The need to accelarate the shift from dialogue to concrete actions has been mutualy emphasized so that to enhance voices and better participation of society in the world.

Throughout our long experience, our intention is to put populations at the hear of every debate and let them be the first beneficiaries  of the decision-making processes adopted at the United Nations Level. In the past years, we assisted technically the interntional institutions by proving advisory opinions on the general effort of previous MDGs' achievements. At the beginig of February 2015, in New York, our Organization participated to the High-level discussion at UNHQ on behalf of the Permanent Mission of Sweden and H.E. Ms. Margot Walltröm (Minister of Foreign affairs, Sweden) to give new impetus to the promotion of a culture of peace, dignity and respect for Human rights. This rendezvous represented a great opportunity to make populations' voices heard while designing any aspect of a multifaceted and comprehensive approach of what "diversity" meant. 

Beside the UN primary dialogue, from July to Septmeber 2015, the CEREPPOL NGO  lent its full weight, alongside the other major multilateral organisations who were involved in to improve the adoption of the recent SDGs. To further strengthen links between decision-makers and populations, we lobbied strongly for the adoption of the relevant legislation in the corresponding consultation phase.

In November, we continued our close participation with other subsidiairy bodies of the United nations  to ensure that we effectively worked to increase the capacity building of local populations for their personnal implementation project. Since 2011, the NGO CEREPPOL is cooperating with entities like UNCTAD, UN DESA, UNDP, UNRIC and UNITAR individually or in the framework of a multilevel coordination for achieving better compliance with the existing processes.

In looking forward to 2016, i would like to  mention that our First High-Level Discussion on Gender equality and Company Social Responsibility (CSR) cross-themes "beyond 2030", has gathered stakeholders from various key arears accross the European Region. The CEREPPOL will review every year (maybe at the period) the process achieved in the implementation of post-2015 Agenda and will discuss of future joint actions to foster people's awarness and inclusion. This practice is the core process promoted by our Organization at all level.

The next regional Preparatory Meetings for the review of the implementation of the CEREPPOL's scopes e.g. the status of women, the reduction of all discriminations against people and aligning it with the provisions of HR conventions, housing affordability for all and land management resilience, trade facilitation implementation between Northern and Souther countries will be held in Geneva or in Brussels . By associating many differnt stakeholders and NGOs we will ba able to identify remaining gaps and took recommandations for UN advisory.

Togheter let's do our utmost to make sure that our activities are carried out with professionalism and Transparency.


François Di Salvo

Executive General Director, CEREPPOL NGO Europe


New bylaw of CEREPPOL - Sept. 2015 (FR)
Statuts de l'ONG CEREPPOL
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